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John Makola is an ICT expert and the founder of Aspire Graphics LTD with over 15 years Experience in ICT Projects, Planning, Implementation, Management and Support. He has worked with various institutions as an ICT Consultant including: Aspire Graphics Ltd, UN-HABITAT, UNDP Kenya, Government of Somalia, TETRA TECH, COFEY (K), Government of Puntland, The Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review (CoE), Mercy Corps (Kenya & Somalia), ADESO (Formerly Horn-Relief).


John Has been Instrumental in providing leadership and support for several major projects including: Design & Implementation of VMWARE Servers & Private Radio Network Infrastructure for the Government of Somalia – Mogadishu, Provision of Cloud based Services on ICT Infrastructure for Web Apps , Database and Email Servers for the Government of Puntland – Somalia, Provision  and Design of Unified Threat Management System and Windows Server Deployment for NITA – Kenya.